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Another New Menu

New menu planning always creeps up on us, no matter how much we try to plan ahead. Sometimes we just have to wait for inspiration to strike! This last change was no exception, with a few items being finalized in the last week. In the end, it was well worth the wait - those stragglers are some of the most impressive dishes that we have ever served!

Recently, we've decided to close on the Monday before we release the menu to allow the kitchen and bar ample time to prep the new items. In the past we had done all of this on Sunday, when we're normally closed, and it caused a lot more stress than necessary! The new process allows an extra day to get everything ready and do a thorough review with the crew.

We're loving the new items! While there are some things that will (hopefully) never change, like the Old Fashioned Curds, it's nice to freshen up the offerings a couple times a year to keep people guessing. It especially makes sense in the Midwest, where we enjoy distinct seasons and our menu can reflect that. Until next time!

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