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Our idea is so simple; it's almost too hard to believe - a bar with great food. Me & Billy offers a juxtaposition of equal parts comfort and style. We have chosen each element, from the back bar to the staff, to enhance a welcoming vibe each and every time a customer walks in the door. Me & Billy strives to encompass the timeless values of friendly service and a lively atmosphere. We want to have a good time with our customers and the people we work with!


The menu consists of food we like to eat, with a memorable burger serving as the foundation of offerings that appeal to the bar crowd and food connoisseur alike. We have developed a simplified menu, featuring fresh and local ingredients, when possible, in homemade and seasonal offerings. Join us for a different drink special each day of the week - it's our daily celebration. A place where even squares can have a ball!



I’m one of seven kids, number six in the lineup.  From Davenport, we were fortunate to have a home at Lake Okoboji, in northwest Iowa, where we spent many happy childhood summers.  Oh those days at the lake!  Our biggest concern each day was what activity we were up to: fishing, boating, swimming, water-skiing, playing on the beach – the options were endless.


My little brother, David, and I were constantly looking for fun.  His persistent question was “what are me and Billy doing today?”  Our parents bought us a little boat, dubbing it the Me & Billy, to try to keep us busy.  This photo shows the two of us enjoying a ride on the lake!


I’m so thankful to my parents for the experience of those blissful summers at Lake Okoboji.  I’ve been able to share my love of the lake with my family: wife, Mary, daughters, Frances (with her husband, Jordan), Tricia, and Sarah, and grandson, Luke.        

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