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#meandbilly100 Monthly Giveaway

We just selected our fifth monthly giveaway winner, and with that have officially donated $500 to local charities! Now seems like a good time to give you a little background on the program and how we came up with it.

via Iron & Lace Photography

We often find inspiration from bars and restaurants around the country. Yes, we like to travel to experience these places in-person, but it isn't always feasible. That's where Instagram comes in! We found a restaurant in Dallas with a weekly giveaway utilizing a unique hashtag and wanted to take the idea and make it our own. They selected a different charity each week to benefit from the program, but we wanted to leave that decision to the winner. Everyone has something different that they're passionate about, and there are so many worthy organizations in our community that could use an extra boost. Secondly, why not increase the amount to make it a little more enticing to participate, and turn it into a monthly giveaway?! This strategy would also make a greater impact on the selected non-profit organization, too.

Our sixth anniversary was approaching, so we thought it was a great time to roll this out. We always love seeing your posts on social media, whether it's from an event in The Fairhaven, sharing a fishbowl with friends, or date night out. Here's a look at the winners from the past five months along with their charitable selections!

Heather Herkelman - River Bend Foodbank
Lisa Ambrose - Norma Leah Initiative
Allison Newman - Humility Homes & Services
Hannah Rose - K9 Kindness Rescue
Kristin Papalia - River Bend Foodbank

As long as you keep the photos coming, we'll continue with this fun giveaway!

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