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Just Some Beautiful Photos

Back in February, we spent a lovely afternoon with Amy of Shamrock Photography doing some mini sessions for Valentine's Day. We had a handful of couples, and one bad-ass babe, sign-up and they all took the most amazing shots. We were able to sneak in some food and drink photos (and some of the family) while she was here, too! Now that we're closed and working on a new menu, I was worried that some of these photos may not see the light of day. And that's just not acceptable, because I really love how they turned out. So this post is dedicated to the beautiful images captured on that February afternoon that now feels like an eternity ago!

Collins Family from L to R: Sarah, Billy, Mary, Tricia, Fran

The Cheese Curds certainly won't be going anywhere, but some of these menu items will go by the wayside as we release our Spring/Summer options once we re-open. The timing was ideal as I was able to use some of the images throughout #QCRestaurantWeek. Now, we're currently working - remotely, of course - on a new cocktail menu in addition to the food menu changes while we're closed. We'll be bringing back some old favorites!

I love all of the little corners of M&B that she was able to capture across the different sessions! It's been great to have these images to look through since we aren't there right now. We always talk about ways to upgrade and tweak things here and there, but this is nice reminder that things aren't so bad.

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