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Wonder Women with Angie Sharp

Fran Maus, Angie Sharp, Sarah Collins, Tricia Collins

If you're a QC local, then you're familiar with Angie Sharp from WQAD. She co-anchors "Good Morning Quad Cities" and has recently started the "Wonder Women" podcast. Angie is an incredible force within the community, to say the least! She graciously invited my sisters and I to the WQAD studio to chat our family businesses. You can listen to the podcast here!

To give you a little background, we have three family businesses between myself and my two sisters. Obviously, we own Me & Billy - that's a family endeavor! Sarah, the youngest sister, opened her shop What a Gem in May of 2017. Tricia started Polished Hair Lounge in March 2018. Collectively, we like to say "one [crazy] family, three businesses"! I'll leave it at that - you can hear more on the podcast...

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