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R&D the New York Way

We've done our fair share of research throughout the Midwest, from all over Iowa to different neighborhoods in Chicago to St. Louis and beyond (with a quick trip to Kansas City coming up). Whether it's looking for inspiration in food, drink, or design, or just appreciating what we're already doing, these trips always give us a new perspective!

Cheese fondue at The Standard Winter Garden

It's taken me exactly one year to get around to a recap of our research trip to New York City last December, but it seems appropriate as we get into the holiday spirit! Both my husband, Jordan, and I have been to NYC several times in the past but we hadn't visited during the holidays. We found a long weekend at the beginning of the month that worked and made a list of all the stops we wanted to make. The tourist-y stuff was kept to a minimum so that we could focus on the important task at hand: food and drink.

Once we had an unrealistically long list of bars and restaurants to visit, we mapped out the stops by neighborhood - much like we do when visiting Chicago. There was going to be little time for any deviation! One thing we didn't want to miss - since we were traveling during the holidays - was all of the amazing Christmas trees throughout the city. We made sure to sprinkle those throughout our route!

I'll take you along our journey via the Instagram story that documented our stops along the way:


  • Lillie’s Victorian Establishment

  • Union Square Holiday Market

  • The Standard Winter Garden

  • Momofuku Milk Bar

  • McSorley’s

  • Pete's Tavern

  • Mr. Purple

  • Goodnight Sonny

  • Holiday Cocktail Lounge

  • 375 Thrice Cooked Fries

  • Pietro Nolita


  • Empire State Building

  • Bryant Park

  • The Penrose

  • The Met

  • Central Park

  • The Bar Room

  • 5th Ave

  • The Grammercy Tavern

  • Raclette

  • The Smith Downtown

  • Sak’s Light Show

  • Rockefeller Plaza

  • Death & Company


  • Best Bagel Co.

  • Donut Pub

  • Doughnuttery at Chelsea Market

  • High Line

  • The Ribbon

  • Buvette

  • While We Were Young

  • The Happiest Hour

  • Washington Square Park

  • Emily

  • Chumley's

  • Rolf's


  • Lincoln Square

  • Café Luxembourg

  • 9/11 Museum

  • Brooklyn Bridge

  • Juliana’s

  • Laduree

This was one of our favorite research trips to date - so much so that we were hoping to make it an annual thing! While we couldn't make it work this year, we're definitely planning to head back to NYC in 2019 for a lot more of alllll this!

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