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Five Years

Five Years! This milestone seems like a really big deal. Maybe it's because we were told when opening a small business that, statistically speaking, we would likely fail within those first five years. Maybe it's because owning a small business is really hard work, day in and day out, and continues to be a learning experience. Or maybe because so much has changed since November 2013, especially in the downtown neighborhood!

Nevertheless, here we are! Our crew is top notch. Excluding our family - we aren't going anywhere! - we have two employees who have been with us from day one, with many more with several years under their belt. That is a point of pride with us! We know that it's not always easy to work with our family - that's a challenge all on it's own.

We're so thankful for the community, especially the small business community in Downtown Davenport. You've heard it here time and time again, but support and collaboration with fellow local businesses is always a highlight. Whether it's hosting an event together - we've done everything from tastings to floral design to yoga - or being involved in community partnerships, it's always an opportunity to change things up!

Let's not forget the importance of our customers! Without you, we wouldn't be here - that's obvious. We love that you support our menu changes and different events we think up. We have made so many amazing friends over the years! We hope you'll join us to celebrate this milestone on Friday, November 9th at 5pm for a toast from Billy, some tasty snacks, and cake (by Oh So Sweet, of course!). It's just our small way to say thanks!

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