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Macaron Pairings

We recently hosted a Martinis & Macarons pairing event with our neighbors and good friends, Oh So Sweet by Tiphanie. You hear me say it time and time again: partnering with other local small businesses is one of our favorite activities! This one was Tiphanie's idea that morphed into something else - she had intended to host a class on how to make macarons. After discussing the logistics, we determined it might be better to turn it into a pairing party instead.

The evening included three pairings of martini samples with two macarons each. The tough part was deciding which martini flavors to choose. Our Pear Martini has been a menu staple since the beginning, so we definitely wanted to start with that. We had to go into the archives for the next one, selecting the Violet Martini from our spring/summer 2016 menu. For the last round, the Strawberry Basil Lemon Drop Martini from our current menu was the perfect choice - light and refreshing, but with the savory twist it's not something everyone will try on their own. Once we made our selections, Tiphanie expertly paired the macaron flavors.

This event was such a success that we already have the next one planned with a twist, using margaritas instead of martinis. The menu is in the works, but you really can't go wrong with this combination - it's perfect for a girls' night out!

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