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A little more personal...

Our family has had so much going on, in addition to the daily ins and outs of running Me & Billy, that I thought a personal update would be appropriate. In the span of one week, we had a new business opening, a blog launch, and an engagement!

Let's start with the opening of What a Gem, just two doors down from us on 3rd Street. Sarah, the youngest Collins sister, opened a cute little occasional shop with the tagline "gifts you love to give (and get)". She'll be open every Thursday from 11AM-7PM so she can keep up with her other two jobs (with us at Me & Billy and as an Interior Designer at Elements Interior Design, in Bettendorf).

Next is my newest project, CuratedQC. I've partnered with two lovely local ladies to create a blog all about our beloved Quad Cities: the things to do, the places to go, the people to see. Our launch party was right here - where else?! - to spread the word about this new resource for locals.

Onto the engagement of the middle Collins sister, Tricia, to her boyfriend Jose. He popped the question during a Mumford & Sons concert - their very favorite! And how do we celebrate? You guessed it: champagne, the answer is always champagne. Let the wedding planning begin!

As you can see, it's been a whirlwind of excitement and just the beginning of a busy summer!

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