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All the green!

Here's a little behind-the-scenes look at our decorating process for St. Patrick's Day. Luckily, we have been collecting Irish mementos and all things green for many years, so there's a lot to go around! Since we're closed on Sundays, we take that opportunity to spend 10 uninterrupted hours to spread everything out and go to town. This year, we got it done the last weekend of February so we could enjoy the decor for the whole month of March!

The whole family helps on this day, even Billy! It was his idea to hang all the flags on the back bar this year and we love how it turned out. The day wouldn't have been complete without a Shamrock Shake for a mid-afternoon sugar rush! And a Guinness to celebrate the completion...

After some finishing touches for our #ClassicDayOFun, like adding some festive decor to the party room and hanging flags outside, we'll be ready for the big parade weekend! Stop by to get a photo with St. Patrick, drink some Fat Frogs and enjoy the parade!

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