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Disco Dreaming

There's always a party in the works! New Year's Eve has proven to be an opportunity to get into a theme, and we'll be disco dancing into 2017! It's especially nice with the party room at our disposal - we can be open for regular business in the bar and dining room in addition to throwing a fun party!

Planning for a Disco New Year's Eve

Once we determine a theme, we run with it! It all started with our Gatsby New Year's Eve party two years ago. Of course, there is a lot of work that goes into the planning! How much are tickets? What is included in the ticket price? How many tickets can we sell? Menu planning, table set-up, music, decorations - you get the idea!

Gatsby New Year's Eve to ring in 2015

Last year was a bit different as we decided to host a "Toga Party" in the bar area rather than sell tickets for a private event. This toned things down: we took inspiration from the movie Animal House for some drink specials and the playlist, and created a photo backdrop, but otherwise it was business as usual. Not as many people got into this theme as we had hoped, but those of us who did had a lot of fun with it!

Toga Party for New Year's Eve 2016

This year, we're going all in for the disco theme! Planning is in the works, from funky drinks to disco decor and prizes for best dressed and best dance moves. Research has included watching Saturday Night Fever and internet searches for Studio 54 glam imagery. Let's see if we can pull it off and create an authentic 70's atmosphere!

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