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Finding Inspiration

Anytime we head out of town, we're looking for inspiration! Many trips have been planned around the food and drink options at the destination. Whether it's a day in Iowa City or a week in the south, and everything in between, we research the local bars and restaurants in advance to optimize our time in that location. There is always a new menu to plan right around the corner, giving us reason to keep looking for fresh ideas!

The whole group in Chicago!

Most recently, the whole Collins family spent an overnight in Chicago (as a late Father's Day celebration). For the most part, we focused on the West Loop neighborhood and had so much fun trying some new places! The strategy is always the same - try as many different things on the menu as we can. Of course, we have to take turns ordering to make sure we don't overdo it!

Mimosas are a must at brunch!

What is the ultimate goal? Whether it is a special cocktail garnish or a new spin on a classic dish, we're hoping to use this inspiration towards bringing unique items back home. It's nice to get away and regroup once in awhile, too! It might take months before we can incorporate these ideas into reality, so we take a lot of photos and notes along the way. Some things are too far out there for our area, but it's interesting to see the trends and how we can make them work at Me & Billy!

Just a few of the many food and drink shots!

Restaurant + bar exploring in Chicago always sparks inspiration!

That's one big bowl of booze! | Some fancy cocktails with dessert.

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