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Bix Preparations

Bix is one of the annual events that we talk about all year long. While it has changed tremendously since the days that Billy first started throwing a party at Mac's Tavern in the 90's, it continues to be one of the biggest parties of the year in Downtown Davenport. I won't give you a history lesson of the event, but it consists of two separate weekends - the race and street festival are on July 30th (what we're talking about here), while the Bix Jazz Festival is now celebrated the following weekend.

Bix 2016 is coming up!

There are so many aspects to the weekend that I could touch on - the seven-mile race, the street festival one block away on 2nd, the live music - but I'll focus on our own plans. From applying for street closure with the City of Davenport to scheduling bands to ordering product, there are so many details that we must cover to make it a successful day. This list doesn't even begin to cover it, and with the thousands of visitors in town for the festivities, we strive to put our best foot forward!

Bix 2014

Our first one in 2014 was definitely a learning experience (as was everything during our first year)! Luckily, we had Billy's history and knowledge to build upon and started the planning very early. Some aspects went really well, others not so much, but we took lots of notes to make the next year run smoother. Same goes for 2015 - we made improvements, did a lot of planning, had some hits and misses, but overall deemed it a success!

Bix 2015

This year, Bix falls on Billy's birthday! In addition to the full day of live music and drink specials, we'll throw in some special birthday surprises into the mix. Hopefully it's bigger and better than the last couple years, but I'm sure there will be room for improvement in the years to come!

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