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This is it!

We're making the final preparations for our high holiday, St. Patrick's Day! Our family looks forward to the parade and corresponding festivities all year long! With the St. Patrick Society's Grand Parade XXXI just one week away, it's down to the wire to make sure we are ready for a busy weekend.

While we've always appreciated our Irish heritage and took St. Patrick's Day as an opportunity to celebrate that, our obsession really took hold when Billy's dad, Dr. John Collins (or Papa to us), was named Grand Marshal of Grand Parade VII in 1992. Our family was again honored when Billy himself was Grand Marshal of Grand Parade XXVI in 2011. It's a special tradition for us - I'll let the photos speak for themselves!

From left: Dr. John Collins in 1992 } Billy Collins in 2011

From left: Collins Family 2015 | Billy and Fran in Grand Parade XXIX | Toast to St. Patrick 2015

Extended Collins Clan at Grand Parade XXVI

From top left: Packed house in 2014 | Billy in Grand Parade XXVI | Collins sisters celebrating | Fat Frogs

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