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It's Always Something!

The past few weeks have gone by in a flurry! Between Valentine's Day, the HAVlife Martini Shake Off, and planning for St. Patrick's Day festivities, it's been hectic to say the least. So I'll keep this short and simple today with a little recap of recent events.

Valentine's Day, with reservations and a special menu, went pretty well! We ran into a few kinks but overall we were happy with the results. It didn't hurt that there was a nice article in the Quad-City Times about our business and our Valentine's Day plans.

From left: Special menu items | Feature in the Quad-City Times | Sweetie Martini

This past Thursday was the annual HAVlife Martini Shake Off. As our third year participating, we now have a better handle on how to prepare. Our friends at Bright DeSigns helped make our booth look spectaular with their Cheers marquee sign - we thought it was appropriate since they made a similar sign that is proudly displayed in our party room! Although we didn't win any of the awards, it's great exposure while helping raise money for a worthy cause.

From left: Fran, Billy and Sarah at the 2016 HAVlife Martini Shake Off | Fruit Category: Basilberry Martini

Now our focus turns to St. Patrick's Day and all that it entails. Much of the planning has already been done, but this week we'll be taste-testing some items for the special menu and decorating!

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