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Here's to three years and counting!

As we approach another anniversary, it’s time to reflect on what we have accomplished and make some new goals. Three years may not seem like an especially important milestone, but we continue to celebrate each year that goes by! We have been fortunate to see a lot of growth in downtown Davenport during this time and see many more exciting opportunities ahead!

Grand Opening

Owning a business continues to be a learning experience, that’s for sure! So what are we proud of?What immediately comes to mind is all of the collaborations that we've been a part of - pairing with other local businesses is always a thrill! We have been fortunate to meet so many new faces, from near and far, and have wonderful friends, our "regulars", who are so important to us. On the flip-side, one of the toughest lessons is that we can’t make everyone happy. It’s just a reality that we have to face. We continually strive to improve processes, learn from mistakes, train our crew and change things up!

1st Anniversary party - we never tire of confetti!

We had a mission to redefine the social experience locally. After three years, we see that becoming a reality. We're proud to be contributing to this community and try to do so with decorum. There are still some lofty ideas, like that elusive rooftop, to work towards!

Celebrating 2 years!

As we have done each year, we will have a little party to mark the occasion. Some might think it’s silly to celebrate three years, but we are damn proud of every single year! So we will party on November 12th, join us!

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